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Astral Explained:

Astral is the leading destination for boutique fitness studios across the nation. We serve as both a wholesale distributor and retail consultant to ensure studios experience the greatest retail success possible. We provide thousands of products from over 15 athleisure brands, plus a suite of stylist services at no additional cost to help you choose the right apparel for your studio.

  • Shop our self-serve e-commerce to maintain creative control over your studio.
  • Utilize fee-free stylist services that set your retail on autopilot & give yourself back the time you need to focus on membership.
  • We are not just a showroom but a resource for your studio to achieve retail success.
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"I needed a one stop shop to purchase retail within my budget with a visual strategy and the ability to return anything unsold. Astral is so easy and perfect for a small fitness business owner." Yoga Studio Owner, Kentucky
"The Astral team have been amazing to work with. Prompt and flexible. They really have made this an enjoyable part of my job now rather than a drain." Pilates Studio Owner, California
"You can’t beat their super-fast deliveries! Astral is our go-to choice for retail these days." Barre Studio Owner, Ohio
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We provide extreme customer service:

Astral serves corporate fitness brands looking to simplify their retail operations while maintaining brand consistency. We also partner with athleisure brands seeking more efficient ways to supply fitness studios. Our services include:

  • Receiving & Fulfillment Services
  • Picking & Packing
  • Assembly & Kitting
  • E-Commerce Fulfillment & Management
  • Photoshoot Services
  • Private Label Program

Astral was born out of making the sourcing of retail more accessible to boutique studio owners. Our mission is to enable Boutique Fitness Studios to fulfill their retail potential. Since its inception, Astral has serviced over 1,000 studios and recently expanded into our very own 18,000 sq ft facility in Lexington, KY.

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